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With a globe-trotting career that spans over a decade across multiple prestigious travel agencies, I bring more than just travel planning to my clients; I bring a passion that has been finely honed through my ...
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Exploring Rome

Unveiling the Eternal City's Timeless Charms.

My passion for Rome is as eternal as the city itself. As someone who has lived and worked among Romans, both in the crystalline past of its storied ruins and the vibrant pulse of today's streets, I'm excited to guide you beyond the typical tourist experience.

Imagine wandering through modern and historical Rome with someone who can navigate both. Want to indulge in authentic Roman delicacies? I have a delightful Italian grandmother ready to teach you how to craft gelato, pizza, or even fried Roman artichokes.

If it’s a refined palate you’re cultivating, join me for a panoramic wine tasting, expertly hosted by a local sommelier. For those craving adventure, how about soaring over the lush countryside by helicopter?

With my decade-plus experience and deep-rooted connections, I promise access to the best Rome has to offer. One of my personal favorite spots, which often escapes most itineraries, is the Basilica of San Clemente. This site is not just a journey to a place but a voyage through time. From stunning 15th-century frescoes to engrossing layers of history descending into the earth, each step takes you deeper into the past, all the way to a bustling Roman marketplace, complete with a still-functioning ancient aqueduct. My extensive experience includes crafting unforgettable trips for families reconnecting with their roots, thrill-seekers exploring haunted ruins with expert archaeologists, and food lovers keen to savor true Roman flavors in an intimate cooking class.

Each journey is a finely woven tapestry of the extraordinary, tailored to reflect your personal travel dreams. What makes me uniquely qualified to guide your Roman holiday? Over 12 years of designing travel experiences that don’t just scratch the surface but dive deep into the heart of what makes Rome magical. My guests leave with more than just memories; they leave with a renewed awe for the breadth of human history and a profound connection to this magnificent city.

If you're ready to be awe-struck, to explore and to discover not just Rome but a piece of yourself along the way, then allow me to craft your next journey to the Eternal City. Together, we'll ensure that your experience is as unique and unforgettable as Rome itself.

Ready to embark on your Roman adventure? Let’s make the timeless wonders of Rome a personal chapter in your travel story. 

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