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Enchanting Venice

Venice, the heart of romance and art, is not just a city—it's an architectural marvel, a living museum, and an eternal dream floating on water. Imagine a place where the summation of empires has left its undeniable mark, creating a mesmerizing blend of cultures and styles. That's Venice.

A Marvel of Architectural Diversity: Venice's architecture reads like an exquisite anthology of styles—Arab influences grace its residential quarters, while Moorish, Ottoman, Byzantine, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque elements harmonize in a beautiful, chaotic medley. Wandering through Venice is like stepping into a time capsule where every corner holds a piece of history, woven together in a walkable maze of islands teeming with wonder.

Navigating the Magic: Many might not realize, but Venice's major sites are accessible only by water or on foot. There's no bustling traffic—just serene waterways and charming walkways. Enter the Vaporetti, or water buses, Venice’s whimsical solution to urban transport. Admittedly, the system can be confusing at first, but worry not! I've mastered the art of navigating Venice’s aquatic streets and would love to share my tips with you.

Hidden Gems of Cannaregio: Nestled in the north-western part of Venice, Cannaregio is my personal favorite. Venture deep into this area, and you'll find the historical Jewish Ghetto, rich with history, a captivating museum, and delectable foods. Push past this heritage-filled enclave to the lagoon's edge, and you'll discover lively bars and live music, where locals gather over cicchetti (Venetian tapas) and sparkling prosecco, far from the tourists.

Underrated Gateway: Marco Polo Airport is a hidden gem for international flights. Many travelers assume that Rome is the most convenient entry point to Italy. However, Venice offers an equally appealing option, either as your starting point or final stop. Never booked an open-jaw flight? Let's explore together why this can be a significant time and cost saver.

Client Storytime: One of my most memorable bookings was for a guest fascinated by medieval Venetian crafts. I arranged an immersive stay at a cooking school in Lido, just off the main island, where they indulged in a week of medieval culinary classes and relaxed in a beautiful villa. Lido, with its lush private gardens and serene beaches, offers a peaceful escape from the tourist rush, providing a deeper cultural experience. In addition to cooking, my guest explored the traditional craftsmanship on the islands of Murano and Burano. Murano, famed for its glassblowing, offered hands-on classes where they learned ancient techniques from skilled artisans. Burano, with its vibrant buildings, provided a picturesque backdrop for lacemaking demonstrations, although my guest preferred photographing the intricate work rather than participating. To cap off their trip, a mask-making class in Venice provided perfect mementos to take home, capturing the essence of Venetian heritage.

Ready to uncover the enchanting layers of Venice? I have your next trip ready when you are.

My Reviews

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Simply the best!
She's very thorough. The best experience we've had working with an agent.
By  The Smith family  from  New York
Traveled to  Europe
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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Travel like a local
Hali is so great at personalizing a trip! Having Hali plan a trip for you is like having a local give you all the tip, tricks and best secret spots to see.
By  B.E.H  from  Boston, MA
Traveled to  Italy ~ Europe
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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From Elba Island to Florence- amazing!
She helped us find the best prices on tickets, booked us fabulous places to stay, found us a amazingly talented tour guide in Florence, recommended things to do off the beaten path.
By  HS  from  Maine
Traveled to  Italy ~ Europe
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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She was right!
Hali helped me book an incredible trip on the Amalfi coast a few years ago and it was the best tour I took in the month I was in Europe! She asked only a few really well thought out questions and then was able to suggest a multitude of tours right off the top of her head. It was very impressive. She even responded to a question I had late one night while I was in London, which she didn't have to do, but was very much appreciated! Thank you again, Hali!!
By  John  from  Texas
Traveled to  Italy ~ Europe
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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Hali designed the perfect trip to Italy!
Hali planned our vacation to Italy in the summer of 2023. We spent one week in Elba island and one week in Florence. The two places she found for us to stay were spectacular. The house in Elba was right on the ocean with the best view and best pool I have ever swam in. The place in Florence was also perfect. She planned a perfect mix of city activities and wine country for us. We visited the David at night and that was perfect. And she found us a rooftop bar to watch the sunset in Florence, very romantic. I highly recommend her, you will not regret it.
By  Ricky D  from  Houston, Texas
Traveled to  Italy ~ Europe
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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