Huskies are the true MVPs of the North

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Jaymi Barringer

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Once upon a chilly breeze in Alaska, I found myself on a cruise that promised adventure and glaciers galore. The ship was like a floating winter wonderland, and I was on board for all the frosty fun.

We sailed through icy fjords, and I swear the whales were putting on a show just for us – a real-life marine ballet! One day, we docked in a quaint Alaskan town where I discovered that even the locals had tales taller than the icecaps.

I tried dog sledding, and let me tell you, those huskies are the true MVPs of the North. the puppies were like cute cuddly bundles of joy. But the highlight? Glacier watching. The ship sidled up to these colossal ice sculptures, and I was left speechless. It's like nature's grand art exhibit, and we had front-row seats.

Nights on the ship were a different kind of cool – think Northern Lights painting the sky and cozy cabins that felt like a snug hug from a polar bear (minus the bear, of course). Dining became an expedition of its own. Gourmet meals with panoramic views of glaciers – talk about dining with a side of awe. And the seafood? So fresh it practically swam onto my plate.

As the cruise wrapped up, I realized Alaska wasn't just a destination; it was a love story between icebergs and me. So, there I was, waving goodbye to glaciers, whales, and a trip that felt like a dream.

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